Cubit Estimating Terminal server 'Release licence on exit option' changed by configuration file


In instances where a company has changed over from floating standalone license or a network configuration to a terminal server, there is an option setting regarding the licenses that will need to be changed.

Generally, this option is changed manually throughout the program through the Cubit Estimating options.

This is done via the Cubit Estimating option menu, under the General tab.

Fig.1 Cubit Estimating Options

However in the case that a larger number of users need to be modified you can also change this setting via a configuration file, which will speed this process up. Please note changing configuration files can lead to unexpected results within the program if done incorrectly. It is recommended to take a backup of your current user.config file.

The configuration file is located under;

C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Buildsoft\CUBIT Estimating.exe_Url_[Unique string]\[Version number]\user.config

Open the program with a text editor - Windows built-in Notepad will edit this file.

In this file, search for a string called ReleaseLicenceOnExit

The string will look as so and is the only related string in this file;
<setting name="ReleaseLicenceOnExit" serializeAs="String">

Changing this to either True or False will make the setting change.

False = Unticked
True = Ticked

Save the file, open Cubit Estimating to ensure that the program opens correctly and that the setting has been changed to your desired result.


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