Cubit Management Console: Managing the Database, Backups and Schedules


Cubit Management Console

When on a network version there is usually a desktop shortcut to access Cubit Management console. The shortcut can also be accessed from C:\Program Files\Buildsoft\Cubit folder (Right Click on Cubit Icon and Open File Location).


Fig 1. File Location

Fig 2. Cubit Management Shortcut

Configure and Schedule

To configure a database backup you will need to start Cubit Management Console as an Administrator.

1. Right click on the icon and then select Run as Administrator

2. Click on the Configure button to setup.

This opens a Backup settings window. here you can specify the following options which need to be setup for a backup to be taken correctly.

  • PostgreSQL install directory: The PostgreSQL install path on the 64 bit machine needs to be set to C:\Program Files\Postgresql\9.2\bin. If you are using a 32 bit machine the location will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Postgresql\9.2\bin.
  • Backup directory: The Backup directory can be set any desired accessible location.

  • Number of Backups: This number specifies the No of Old Backups to be kept in the backup location. In the below example, the older backups are removed to ensure that there is always only 6 Backup files saved.

  • Schedule Backups: Set Frequency and date time for the backup to run automatically. It is important to make sure the database is available for the Backups to run at that specified time.

Fig 3. Backup Settings

Manual Backup

A forced database backup can be run any time by clicking the Backup button on the main screen. The Restore button will restore the Backed up Database.

NOTE: Restored database will overwrite the existing data. It is very important to make sure that you are restoring from a valid backup as this action cannot be undone.

It’s also important to ensure that you are restoring a database that is the same version of your program to ensure complete compatibility.

Fig 4. Cubit Management Console

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