Verifying your Regional Settings


Before installing Cubit on your device, make sure the Language and Regional Formats, like Date, Time, and Currency, are correct.

To validate Language and Formats:

1. Using your mouse, click the "Windows Start" button.

2. Type "Control Panel", and then press "Enter".

3. The "All Control Panel Items" window will open, from here click "Language".

                           Fig 1. All Control Panel Items window


3. From the Quick Access panel, Click "Change date, time, or number formats".

                                                                                             Fig 2. Language

4. In the following Region "Formats Tab", select the Language as per your country.

                                        Fig 3. Format

5. In the Region "Location" Tab, select the same country for the "Home Location".

                                     Fig 4. Location

6. Click "Apply" to save changes.

                                             Fig 5. Save







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