Import Global Jobs (*.E0X) directly into Cubit


Buildsoft now gives you the ability to import your Global Jobs directly into Cubit, without having to transfer Jobs between the two programs. This means you no longer need to have a licence for Global or have it installed on your computer to open your Global jobs in Cubit.

All types of Global Job backups including Simple, Labour mode and 7 column mode can be imported into Cubit.

To Import a Global Job:

 1. In the Job Manager window, Click Import Global Job button.

Fig 1. Import Global Job

2. A file explorer window will be opened for you to browse through and to find the Job (*.E0X) file.


Fig 2. Browse

3. Cubit will go through a few steps to import the Global Job into Cubit. 

Fig 3. Importing

 4. When the import process is complete, the Job is listed in the Job tab.

Fig 4. Imported Job

This is how the Global Job data is converted:

1. Based on the unit of the item, Cubit will assign a Result type to the item. These Results will be Length, Area or Volume.

2. Based on the measurement unit type defined in backup, Jobs will be created as Metric or Imperial.

3. Items with the unit as Head1, Head2 will be brought in as SubHeadings.
Note: Maximum of 4 level of Headings will be brought in.

4. A unique Reference Code will be assigned to all Items, including Calculation Sheet and Rate Sheet items.

5. Summary Items will be assigned with Ref codes starting with TR followed by a code which is generated from the id of the item in the backup file.

6. Items will be assigned with Ref codes starting with IT followed by a summary Id and the item's Id from the backup.

7. Any Rate Sheet headings will be imported as items only.

8. A trade level Qty Factor from a Summary will be brought into the items where the item doesn't have manual totals.

9. A trade level Qty Factor from a Summary will be applied as the formula to the total of the item if the item contains a manual total.

10. Any Summary items (Trade Headings with Trade Qty and/or Trade Rate) will be imported as items under a Trade heading.


  • Importing Global Job into Cubit will not bring in the Formula and References.

  • As there is no one-to-one mapping of Rounding between Global and Cubit, Estimate totals may not match exactly between the systems. There may be a small discrepancy between the job totals when compared side by side.

  • Sub-Total items from Global will appear as an empty item with just a Description in Cubit.




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