Deleting plans in Cubit Estimating


On occasion, you may need to delete a plan from your Cubit Estimating job. This may be due to having a revision or even just that the wrong plan was uploaded.

To delete a plan:

  1. The plans window is displayed on the right-hand side of the screen by default. Sometimes this may not be displayed. To enable this click the View tab and then click the Plans button in the Panes group.

Fig 1. Plans button in the View tab

  1. This will then show the plans window on the right of your screen.

Fig 2. Plans window

  1. On the Plans list, you can then right click on a plan and select Delete plan

Fig 3. Delete plan option

  1. You’ll be prompted with a message notifying you that once you delete this plan, any quantity information associated with this plan will be deleted along with it.

Fig 4. Deletion message 

  1. Click Delete anyway to Delete the plan or Cancel to continue without deleting the plan.
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