Resolved Issue: 'Use Calculated Total' function triggering incorrect Quote Totals


A Bartender bug was resolved on 10th of February 2019, which caused some Jobs to have incorrect totals. We recommend you review your jobs to verify if any of your jobs are affected by this.

Please contact our support team if you have any concerns around Quote Totals. Below are the details of the problem.

Expected behaviour:

When use calculated total is triggered on a Manual Heading Total or a Quote Total, the total is recalculated so that the value is equal the sum of only typed in values.

Use calculated total is available from the context menu accessible when right clicking on a Heading or Quote Total in the summary bar. 

Fig1. Use Calculated Total

Issue behaviour:

In rare cases, the Total will not be recalculated and is not equal the sum of only typed in values.

What to do if you are affected:

If you have any concerns your Job was affected please contact our support team.

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