Resolved Issue: INCL causing Quote Totals to be incorrect


A Bartender bug was resolved on 17th of January, 2019, which caused some Jobs to have incorrect totals. We recommend you review your jobs to verify if any of your jobs are affected by this.

Please contact our support team if you have any concerns around Quote Totals. Below are the details of the problem.

Expected behaviour:

INCL will equate to 0 unless you have a Manual Quote Total or Manual Heading total, in which case INCL will hold the manual pinned amount.

Fig 1. Total Comparison

Issue behaviour:

INCL that are not under a manual heading also may have unexpected values.

The problem occurs in the following scenarios:

1. Quantity or Factor has changed on an item in Cubit and updated to Bartender.

When the changes are sent to Bartender, an update icon like below will be shown on the trade and trade items in Bartender.

Fig 2. Update from Cubit Job

2. Fill Quote: When an item was filled from the estimate or another quote.

3. When changing an item marked as INCL to EXCL, where there has been at least one user entered value in that quote.

In all the above scenarios, Bartender should recalculate the Estimate Item Totals based on the changes, however, the bug prevented Bartender from recalculating the Quote Total instead Bartender modified the value on an INCL item. Any INCL items under Manual Headings will not be affected.

What to do if you are affected:

If you have any concerns your Job was affected please contact our support team and we can run a restore patch on your Job.

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