Recover Deleted Cubit Job

Once a Cubit job has been deleted from the Job List, the only way to recover it is by restoring a backup of the same job.

The following article, documents how to backup in Cubit: How to backup a job in Cubit

To restore a Cubit job from a backup, please do the following:

1.Open Cubit

2. Select a project from the Job list.

3. Click Import from the toolbar.

Fig 1. Import Cubit job

3. Navigate to the folder location where your Cubit backup is stored

Fig 2. Import Cubit job

  4. Tick the job/s you wish to import and click Import.

Fig 3. Import Cubit job

Note: You can only import Cubit jobs exported from the same version of Cubit you are importing to or earlier. The Ver. column indicates the version of Cubit the job was exported from.


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