Cubit Estimating licence types and its usage


Below is a brief explanation of Cubit licence types. This article will help you decide which licence type is best suited for your business.

Cubit Estimating License Types:

  • Standalone Licence:

The standalone licence is designed to be used on any independent/standalone Computer.
Cubit Estimating will be installed on a Computer by choosing the Standalone option and then registered with the standalone license serial key provided by Buildsoft.

All the jobs created will be saved into a local database on that Computer and will not be visible to any other Cubit users (unless manually shared using the export/import functionality).

A Standalone licence can be Fixed or Floating.

  • Fixed Licence:

A fixed Cubit Estimating licence is designed to be used on one Computer only and is best suited for users who do not need to share the license with other users in the office. A fixed license cannot be deactivated from the registered Computer unless Cubit is uninstalled from that Computer.

  • Floating Licence:

A floating Cubit Estimating license is designed to be shared across multiple Computers provided Cubit is active on one computer at any given time.
A floating Cubit Estimating license registered on one Computer can be deactivated/released to be activated on another Computer.

  • Client/Server Network Licence:

The client/server license is designed to be used in a network environment where multiple Computers connect to a common database installed on the nominated Cubit Server.

  • The Cubit Estimating client will need to be installed on the user's computer by choosing the Shared Network option during installation. Once installed, the network license serial key will be entered on the user's computer.

Any jobs created will be saved into the database on the server and will be visible to other Cubit users on your nominated server.

  • Terminal Server Network Licence:

The Terminal Server license is designed for use on a terminal or Citrix server where multiple users will be logging into the server to use Cubit.

  • Cubit Estimating can be installed as a Standalone where the database is stored locally on the same server or as a Shared Network where the Cubit Server is installed on a separate server.

All the data will be visible to other Cubit users logged into the terminal or Citrix instance.  Connect a user to the terminal server.

Note: A Network license is always a floating type license.

  • Cubit Hosted License:

A Cubit Hosted System is a cloud-hosted solution for multiple users who are given remote access to run Cubit Estimating via a web browser or a remote application.

All the data will be visible to other Cubit users logged into the Cubit Hosted system.

Note: This is available to Australian Customers only.


Cubit Licence Editions:

  • Standard / Professional / Enterprise Editions:

Depending on whether you are using a Standard, Professional, or Enterprise license, you will have access to different components in Cubit. A full product comparison of the differences between the editions can be found on our website via the link below:
Cubit Estimating Feature Comparison Table


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