Migrating or Copying Custom Reports to Another Computer


You’ve created a customized  Cubit report, maybe you collaborated on it with your coworkers. Now you want others to have access to the report, or you want to distribute a custom report Buildsoft support team has sent you.

Custom reports files by default will be saved on your computers’ hard drive in the folder C:\ProgramData\Buildsoft\Cubit\Reports\Reports. As an example, a new report named mynewreport will create two file named mynewreport.repx and mynewreport.XML in folder C:\ProgramData\Buildsoft\Cubit\Reports\Reports.

How to distribute custom report files to another computer:

1. Find the folder C:\ProgramData\Buildsoft\Cubit\Reports\Reports where the files are located.

2. Choose the files you want to distribute, for example, mynewreport.reps and mynewreport.xml and copy them over to the new computer in the same folder which is C:\ProgramData\Buildsoft\Cubit\Reports\Reports.

3. You can verify the customer report has been distributed successfully, in the Data tab, in the Reports group, click All Reports, the copied custom report will appear at the end of the list.

4.  In the event, custom reports are provided by Buildsoft support staff, you can repeat steps two and three to distribute the reports.

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