Why the colour isn't showing for shapes on the legend?


When using the legend function you may encounter issues with the legend not displaying the correct colour for certain items.

Note: For more information on how to display the legend on the viewport, click here

Fig 1. A legend item with no colour 

This will occur if there are multiple shapes associated with an item and one or more of those shapes are different colours.

To resolve this you will need to check each shape under that item and ensure they are all the same colour.

In your Item Sheet, click the item to view all shapes associated with it in its Calculation Sheet.

Fig 2. Linked shapes in the calculation sheet

Look through each shape, ensuring they are all the same colour. When you find the offending shape and change the colour the legend will reflect this.

To change the colour, select the shape. The shape will highlight green on the viewport. The colour will be displayed in the colour field on the top toolbar. To view this toolbar, click on the Home tab, Colour is displayed under the Format group.

Fig 3. Colour tool in the Format group

Click on the Colour tool and select the same colour as other shapes for that item. The colour will then appear on the legend correctly.

Fig 4. Colour showing correctly on the legend


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