Exclude from Total


Exclude from Total is a feature that can be used in the Estimate sheet, Rate sheet or Calculation sheet that enables you to exclude one or more selected Trade or Heading or Item from the Job Total.

Exclude from the Total column

Use the column chooser to add the Exclude from total column to the Estimate, Rate and/or Calculation sheet. This column can be checked to exclude the selected row(s) from its parent's total.


Fig 1. Exclude single line

Exclude from the Total result type

In the Estimate sheet, there is a new Exclude from total result type. When a row's result type is set to Exclude from total it will be excluded from its parent's total.

If the Exclude from total column is shown, any rows with result type set to Exclude from total will be shown with the column check and it will not be possible to uncheck it.


Fig 2. Exclude Result Type

Items and Headings marked with 'exclude from total' will not be exported to Microsoft Excel and not be included in Grouped Views, BoQ or Bartender jobs.

A new Report Parameter has been added for default Cubit reports to exclude these items from the report.

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  • Theo, is this function in a new version? I'm using and appears not in the column selections? Regards Grant

  • This feature is available in Cubit version 9.1, please monitor our website for a release date.

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