Generating Plan Reports with Cubit Estimating


Feature Availability: Cubit Estimating version 9 and above


A new report has been added which features a full plan image of one or more plans with an optional legend per plan on separate pages.
The plan images are optimally printed at A4 and A3 sizes along with A1 and A0.

The Plans Report can be accessed by clicking the Plans button in the Reports section of the Data tab on the toolbar.

Fig.1 Plans Button

The Plan Report dialogue allows the user to:

  • Select which plans to print using the tick boxes in the list and includes all plans whether they are open or not.
  • Select which plan report they want to print in the drop-down at the top.
    This will include any customised plan reports that have been saved.
  • Separate reports for each selected plan using the Separate by Plan tick box at the bottom of the window.
  • Preview, Print or Export the report to PDF.

Fig.2 Generate Plan Reports

The Preview for Plan Reports allows the user to customise the report's colours and information shown in the legend of the report.

There are 4 options for the legend:

  • None - Only the plan images are printed.
  • Trade Items - Shows a legend similar to that shown in the viewport.
    It shows a listing of trade items represented on the plan.
  • Shapes - A listing of the shapes on the plan.
  • Shapes and Results - A listing of the shapes and their results and their results.
    This is essentially the same as the Shapes report.

Fig.3 Parameters

Changes to these parameters can be saved to be used as the default parameters for the standard Plan Report or as a custom Plan report.

This is done by selecting the Save option when closing the report.

You can also save these settings with a new name using the Create New… option if you do not want to overwrite the default settings.

Fig.4 Save Report Parameters

The Plan Report can be fully customised with the report designer by selecting the Plan Report in the plan list of the All Reports window, and then clicking the Customise button.

Customise.pngFig.5 All Reports

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  • What is the best way to only show shapes from selected trades, can this report be filtered like the Trade Report?

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