Second Opportunity Column


With the release of Cubit Select 1.4, we have a new feature added to the Review page. This feature is called the Second Opportunity column which gives users the advantage of better risk analysis for a selected Supplier quote.

To make use of this new feature, you will need to have at least one Supplier quote against your trade(s). From there, going to the Review tab and clicking the arrow in the header row will allow you to enable the Second Opportunity column.


Fig 1. Arrow to enable new columns


Clicking on that arrow will bring up the following Column Preferences window.


Fig 2. Enable second opportunity column window 

There are 3 types of analysis that can be performed:

  • Picked v Estimate (PvE) - This will compare your Picked rates versus your Estimate rates. The PvE Column will provide the difference (In positive or negative) between your Estimate rates and what has been picked.
  • Picked v Second Cheapest (PvSC) - This will compare your Picked rates versus the Second Cheapest quote for a trade.
  • Cheapest v Second Cheapest (CvSC) - This will compare the Cheapest quote versus the Second Cheapest quote.
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