Importing a CSV file into a price list


Applies to: Global Estimating version 2016 or later, Offsider Estimating 2016 or later.


If you have a CSV formatted file that you wish to import into the Global / Offsider Estimating to create a price list, all you need to do is follow these steps.

  1. Start Global Estimating or Offsider Estimating.
  2. On the toolbar, click Set Price List Mode to open the Price List Details.


Fig 1. Set Price List Mode

3. In the Price List Details, click Create to create a new Price List.


Fig 2. Create a new price list

4. Type a name for the price list in the box, then click OK.


Fig 3. Name the price list

5. On the Tools menu, click Import Price List.


Fig 4. Import CSV file

6. Click Convert Comma Separated Text File to convert the file.


Fig 5. Convert the CSV file

7. Click Browse, then locate the file you want to import.


Fig 6. Locate the CSV file

8. In the File name text box type *.*, then select the file name and click OK.


Fig 7. Select the file to import

9. This section will be used to define where the information from the CSV file will go into the price list. Click Convert to import the CSV file.


Fig 8. Map CSV data to price list

10. Click the Exit button when the Import Price List window appears.  When the Trade Description window appears the import process has completed.


Fig 9. CSV file import completed


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