Export/Import a Cubit Price list


Export a Price list: 

  1. From the Price List tab of the Job Manager screen, select the price list/s you want to backup/export.
  2. Click the Export button to Backup the Price list. 

Fig 1. Export 

  1. On the Export Price list window, click on the 3 dots to browse to choose the location where do want to save the Backup.

Fig 2. Browse Folder

  1. A Price list backup file(*.PLX) will be created in the specified location.

Fig 3. PLX File

Restore a Price List: 

  1. Select the Price list Tab in the Job Manager screen.

  2. Click the Import button.

Fig 4. Import 

  1. Browse the input folder.

  2. Select the exported price list (*.PLX) file and click Import. 

Fig 5. Import Price list 

  1. The imported price list will now be listed for you to open.

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