How to tell if you have a 64-bit or 32-bit version of Cubit Estimating


Applies to: Cubit Estimating 5, Cubit Estimating 6, Cubit Estimating 7, Cubit Estimating 8, Cubit Estimating 9, Cubit Estimating 10, Cubit 2022.

This article will help you identify which version of Cubit Estimating is installed.

Cubit Estimating requires Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or later for server installations or Microsoft Windows 8.1 with service pack 1 or later for desktop installation.  You should refer to your Information Technology staff if you have a version prior to the recommended operating system. 

Windows Server 2008 or later and Windows 8.1 or later: 64-bit or 32-bit?

You can check your installed programs in several different ways but this process will use the Control panel to identify installed Cubit Estimating version.

  1. Select the Start button and type Control Panel to open the Control Panel in Category view.
  2. Click on Programs within the Control Panel.


Fig 1. Control Panel Programs applet.

  1. Click on Programs and Features.


Fig 2. Program and Features.

 4. With the Program and Features applet now open, locate the Cubit Estimating program. The program will say Cubit Estimating (x64) for the 64-bit version and Cubit Estimating for the 32-bit version.


Fig 3. Installed programs and features

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