Applying pro-rata from the estimate for selected items


Follow the steps to apply a pro-rata from the estimate for selected items only.  

  1. Click Add Quote to insert a new quote for a Supplier.


Fig 1. Add Quote 

  1. Add Supplier details and then click Add button. 

Fig 2. Supplier details


  1. Select the Supplier and then click EXCL to mark all the items as excluded.

Fig 3. EXCL items


4. Delete rates for the items to be prorated from the estimate.

Fig 4. Delete Rate 

5. Click Replace. 

Fig 5. Replace


6. In the following Replace window choose the find and replace all Empty items with the Pro-rata (Estimate) and enter the quotes Total.

Fig 6.  Find Empty 


7.  The Total entered will be spread across the item as pro-rata from the estimate like below. 

Fig 7: Pro-rata from Estimate  

8. For the leftover EXCL items, you can choose to fill the rate from the estimate.

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