Markup in Cubit causes Bartender and Cubit to show different totals


Applies to: Cubit 8, Cubit 9.

You have sent a Cubit Job to Bartender but notice the totals between Cubit and Bartender do not match.  This could be because a Markup has been applied either to an item or trade heading in your Estimate Sheet. 

How to determine if your job has markups

The markup column is used to add a markup to the cost of an item or trade heading, it can be used to designate either a markup or a discount.


Fig 1. Cubit Estimamate with markup applied.

How to display the same total?

A Cubit Estimate or Grouped Job view can be sent to Bartender. However, markups will be stripped from the totals before sent to Bartender.  To help avoid discrepancies, Markups should not be applied to an item or trade heading. 


Fig 2. Cubit Estimate without markup


Fig 3. Bartender Job with matching totals.

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