How to merge two or more jobs


Feature Availability:  Cubit Estimating Professional version only.

Job Merge is a multi-user solution, allowing multiple users to work on separate jobs and then have the jobs combined into one. 


Fig 1: Cubit Estimating job 1


Fig 2: Cubit Estimating job 2

 To merge Jobs

1. Select the Jobs you want to merge by holding Ctrl and left mouse click each Job. 

Note: 2 or more Jobs can be selected to be merged.

2. Click Merge on the ribbon.



Fig 3: Selected Jobs to be merged


3. In the following Merge Jobs window, type the Name of the New Job to be created. You can pick the order of the Jobs by selecting any Job and moving it up the list with the blue up arrow, or down by pushing the blue down arrow. 

4. Tick Include Plans if you want the Plans from each Job to be included in the merge.

5. Click OK to merge the Jobs into a new one.


Fig 4: Merge Jobs 

A new merged job will now be created under the same Project.


Fig 5: Merged Job 

The merged job will have items from all the jobs.


Fig 6: Merged data

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  • Hi Savitha,
    Are you able to merge a cubit standard version job with a pro version job?

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  • Hello Frank,
    Any Cubit jobs can be merged on a Cubit Professional version.

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  • Hi Savitha,
    What happens with the Ref Code numbers if the 2 jobs have line items with the same code numbers?

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  • Hi Luke
    The job that is displayed at the top of the Merge Jobs window will retain its original Ref Codes. Any duplicating Ref Codes from the other jobs being merged will be allocated a new Ref Code by the system.

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  • Hi Elaine
    Is there a way to merge two jobs and still keep all the formulas and references?

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  • Hi Kevin
    I don't think so, as any duplicating Ref Codes will be changed and therefore break any linked formula or references.

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  • Elaine, in a previous ticket 89764, I mentioned the following extract, maybe this would help part of the way at least?

    "As you need to make a selection during the merge process of which job is to merge to which, i.e. place one job at the top (master), can the job at the top be locked to ‘not loose’ cell reference and the merging job only loose its cell ref? That way you don’t have to rebuild ALL cell ref formulas after a job merge, only half of them….."

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  • That's correct Grant. You are correct that only the top listed job in the merge will retain its Ref Codes and keep its formula and references.

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