Resolved Issue: Incorrect Heading Totals


Fix Version:

Affected Version:

We have identified an issue in Bartender that can cause items to incorrectly add up when the quote has an INCL set and then a Pro-rata from Estimate or Supplier is performed on the heading or Quote total.

Items affected:

In a job that has at least 1 heading with 2 or more items under it.

  • 1 item is set as INCL.
  • Other items have manually entered rates/ totals.
  • User clicks the Quote total on the Summary row to perform a Pro-rata from Estimate/ supplier.

This can also occur on a job with a multi-level hierarchy where Pro-rata from Estimate/ Supplier is performed on a heading which is at least one level above the items with the set INCL. 

Issue Behaviour:

The heading total does not equal to the sum of items under it.


Fig 1. Total Difference

How will you know if you are affected?

Our Support team will be contacting anyone who has an issue as we run the nightly Data Integrity checks.

This total problem can also be identified from the Supplier Quote Total on the Quotes Summary page, Review page, Reports and Picked rates in Cubit being different from the Total on the Quote Comparison page. 

To Resolve:

The calculation will resolve itself if you change the item rate/ total within the same heading.

Alternatively,  if you remember the value on the heading total,  you can delete the INCL,  type in the value back into the heading and then perform a Pro-rata from Estimate/ Supplier. 

If you do not remember the value on the heading total to be pro-rated, you might have to re-enter quotes for the headings/ trade packages where you set INCL. 

When will this be fixed?

Our Development team is currently working on fixing this issue as a priority. The update is currently being tested and is planned for release sometime this week.

If you have any concerns your Job was affected please contact our support team.

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