Editing Company Name on the Global/Offsider Reports for a Standalone Licence:


The company/Organisation name is printed at the bottom of the Global/Offsider report can be changed/corrected by the following steps.


Fig 1. Report Before

1. From the Job Manager window click on Licensing and then on Licence Serial Key.


Fig 2. Licensing

 2. Make sure to take note/save of your licence key before we deactivate the licence.

Fig 3. Licence Serial Key

 3. Click on the Licensing option and then choose Deactivate License.


Fig 4. Deactivate License

 4. Once confirmed the licence will be deactivated successfully.

Fig 5.Successful deactivation

5. Restart Global, Enter the correct Company details as you would like it to be displayed on the reports and the licence Serial Number. Click Register to start.

Fig 6. Re-register

 6. Run the report again and you will see that the report now shows the modified Company details like below.


Fig 5. Report After

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