How to restore to a preset layout


Applies to: Cubit version 9.

Cubit uses panes so you can easily set up a custom layout to make it easy to navigate and work with your job. 

The default view is the Takeoff layout, which includes three panes: the Estimate Pane, the Viewport,  and the other recommended panes grouped together. This grouping includes Plans, New Task, Shapes, and Details, all useful for takeoff. 

At any time you can change between these views or layouts. If you’ve hidden, or changed your panes you can restore to preset layout do this click the shortcuts in the Quick Access toolbar, or from the View group in the ribbon. 

How to restore the Takeoff layout 


  1. On the Quick Access Toolbar, click Takeoff.


Fig 1. Click Takeoff

How to restore the Estimate layout 

  1. On the Quick Access Toolbar, click Estimating.


Fig 2. Click Estimating

How to restore the Dual Screen layout 


  1. On the Quick Access Toolbar, click Dual screen.


Fig 3. Click Dual Screen

Should you continue to experience any problem after performing the above steps, Please Submit a Support Ticket.

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