Preparing to work remotely with Global/Offsider



This article will help you prepare your data for working remotely with Global Estimating or Offsider Estimating. In order to work remotely, you will need to backup your job data from your office computer, and restore it onto your home computer


What version of the software is used in the office?

You need to identify what version of Global Estimating or Offsider Estimating you are using in the office and install the same version at home to avoid potential job compatibility issues.


To identity what version of Global Estimating or Offsider Estimating your are running:

1. Start Global Estimating or Offsider Estimating. On the menu, click Help, and then click About


Fig 1: Help/About menu.

  1. The About window will open and display the Licence type and version number.


Fig 2: About window.


Job Backup In Global and Offsider Estimating


1. In the Job Manager, in the Job List, select the jobs you want to backup by highlighting the jobs you want to backup. You can select multiple jobs by holding Ctrl and clicking the different jobs.

2. Click the Backup button on the toolbar.


Fig 3: Select jobs to backup.


3. Select Normal to backup the job with all information.


Fig 4:Backup options.


4. Select a location to backup the job by clicking the Browse button

5. Click the Backup button.


Fig 5: Backup location.

Once you have completed these steps the job selected will be backed up to the location you selected in step four. This backup file will have the job name with an E0X extension. For example in Figure 5, the backup file would be Job 2.E0X.


Installing Global/Offsider Estimating on your home computer


1. Download and install the appropriate version of Global/Offsider. 

2. For your registered version, please refer to your original license email or contact for a download link to your software.

3. For installation instructions you can download the Global/Offsider installation guide.

Job Restore in Global of Offsider Estimating


1. Start Global Estimating or Offsider Estimating.

2. Click the Restore button on the toolbar.


Fig 6: Restore button.

3. Select the location of the backup jobs using the Browse button.


Fig 7: Restore location. 


4. Select the checkbox next to the job or jobs to be restored.

5. Click the Restore button.


Fig 8: Job selection.


Once you have completed these steps, the selected jobs will be restored into your software, and will appear on the job list.



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  • It is a shame that you do not allow one licence to be on two machines i.e. Office and Home.

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  • Hello Malcolm,
    You are absolutely able to use your Global/Offsider standalone licence on multiple computers.
    Please refer to the article below for detailed instructions.

    Email to incase you had any further concerns.

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  • What I meant was if the licence was able to be on two machine concurrently rather than having the process of activating and deactivating the licence on each machine on an ongoing basis.

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  • Malcolm, I can understand your concern, but, unfortunately, this a product limitation and hence the release licence functionality is unavailable in Global/Offsider Estimating.

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