Understanding Job Comparison Reports


Availability: Cubit Estimating version 10 and above

Comparison Reports show you the differences between two different Jobs. This report specifically will show you changes that affect the following components of an estimate:

• Description

• Quantity

• Unit

• Rate

• Markup

• Total

The report is formatted so that the Trade and all Headings of a changed Item will be displayed so you can have context for the Item and its effect.to provide context.

Unlike other Reports, Comparison Reports are designed primarily for internal comparison and offer less customization; you can still edit the report title, page colour and watermark.

For the Job Comparison Report, you can compare any two Jobs from the Job Manager however, both Jobs will need to be using the same measurement units, so you cannot compare a metric Job to an imperial Job. 

NOTE: You cannot compare Material/Labour Jobs. 

To compare Jobs:

1. From the Job Manager, select the 2 jobs to compare.


Fig.1 Jobs 

2. From the ribbon in the Home tab, click Job Comparison. 


Fig.2 Job Manager ribbon


3. The Job Comparison window will open, and if you selected two Jobs they will be set here. The first Job you selected will appear as the Base Job, the other as the Compared Job. 

Fig.3 Job Comparison window


Base Job: Determine the base estimate structure of the report 

Compared Job: Items that are not in the Base Job will be inserted to the Base Job structure under the same Trade and Headings, positioned according to its Line Number. 

Reading a Comparison Report

Comparison Reports offer a lot of information, so here are a few tips on reading a Comparison Report. An Item’s Line Number or Description will only show once in the Report unless that Description or Line Number has changed. A changed Description will be shown in italics.

  • Numbers in the Report will be shown on top of each other.
  • Unchanged Item and Heading values will be shown in grey
  • Changed Item and Heading values will be shown black and bold.
  • Negative total differences will be shown in orange.
  • Three dashes indicate that data is removed or deleted.
  • Changed negative value changes will show in orange.
  • Like Cubit Estimating’s other reports, Exclude from Total Items will be shown in blue and italics.
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  • Is it possible to get an option in the Job Comparison Report to select 'Summary Items Only', or when the Comparison report is generated, an option to 'collapse' the detail line items to just show summary items only?


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  • Hi Grant
    Thank you for your suggestion. We'll be sure to forward it to our Product Team for you.

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