Cubit Estimating Version 10 Is Now Available


Buildsoft has released an update for the Cubit Estimating software on Wednesday 23rd of April 2020.
For more details about this update, including download links, please visit our blog via the link below.

Cubit Estimating 10 Product Update


Job Revision

You can now better manage revisions in Cubit Estimating, including the added ability to revise BIM
models. You can begin a Job Revision at any time, and it creates a temporary state for your
Job, so that you can efficiently manage Revisions.
You will be able to name your Revision, and there is no limit to the number of Revisions you
can enter a Job into.

Beginning & Completing Revisions

To start your Job Revision click Begin Revision, which will ask you to name the
revision and will save the current state of your job so that it can be reverted to if

To finish your Job Revision, you will have two options:
● Finalise - accept all your changes, or
● Revert - undo all changes, and revert your Job to just before you entered
into the Revision.

BIM Revision

When inserting a BIM Revision, all changes will automatically be made, and you can
view and inspect these changes. Different colours in the Viewport will indicate if
different BIM objects have been added, changed, removed, or unaffected. You will
also be able to see from the Shapes pane and Estimate sheet what has been affected
by the BIM Revision.

BIM Change Management

Not only can you see the changes your BIM Revision has made, but now there are
some features which make managing your BIM changes easy. Although changes to
your quantities and BIM Objects are immediate, all changes will be set to a Pending
status, that you can change to Confirmed. You can navigate easily to your changes,
specifying whether you want to inspect the Item sheet, Calculation sheet, or Shapes
pane, and use the status to indicate that you have checked the appropriate changes.

Comparison Reports

Now you can compare two Jobs to each other, with a Comparison Report. There are two
types of Comparison Reports you can generate, useful in different situations.
Job Comparison Report
From the Job Manager, you can now select two Jobs and generate a report to
compare them, highlighting their differences.

Revision Comparison Report

At any time during your Job Revision, you can generate a report to compare the
current Revision of your Job to a version prior to beginning Job Revisions.

Enhanced Estimate Experience

We have improved how you work in Cubit Estimating, specifically enhancing how you interact with your

Improved Item Sheet

We’ve improved the Item Sheet, so your Trades, Headings and Items are restyled to
be more easily identifiable between each other.

Breadcrumb Navigation

You can now quickly navigate between Trades and Headings using the Breadcrumb
navigation toolbar. Not only can you more easily jump around your estimate, but it
also provides context on where your current selected Item is within the Estimate.

Simplified Skins

We’ve drastically simplified our range of skins, so we can better provide
improvements, and release more efficiently. You’ll be able to choose between our
Default skin and Design Black.
The improved UX for the Item Sheet

Optimised Layer Rendering

We’ve improved how Plans are displayed, by introducing Flatten PDF; a new powerful
feature that will give you complete control over your Plan without compromising takeoff.
Flatten PDF provides you with a vectorised Plan, so you can still Snapp to pick the corners
and points from a plan, and utilise features like Auto Select.
Flatten PDF also initiates Rasterise Text, so your text is easy to read, and won’t get in the
way of takeoff.
We’ve also improved how PDF layers are imported, so you will be able to see, and interact,
those layers in Cubit Estimating from the Plans pane.
The improved UX for the Item Sheet

Additional BIM Improvements

We’ve improved how you interact with BIM files in the Viewport. Large Jobs with BIM files
will import, open, and work faster. We’ve improved the performance for navigating and
interacting with your model, especially zooming, panning, selecting, and the various
methods of changing the visibility of a BIM model in the Viewport.
Additionally, Revit Material layer thickness and units can now be accessed for different
classes, specifically: IfcMaterial, IfcMaterialLayerSet, and IfcMaterialLayerSetUsage.

Improved Upgrading

We’ve made it easier than ever to upgrade to Cubit Estimating 10, with new licence key support and a
Cubit Estimating 9 Compatible Job Export.

Improved Licence Key Management

You now no longer need a new key when Cubit Estimating is updated, if you have an up to date
Software Assurance, or Subscription contract then your key will automatically be
updated to support Cubit Estimating 10 on release day. You can take advantage of Cubit Estimating 10
without having to wait for keys.

Cubit Estimating 9 Compatibility Job Export

Cubit Estimating 10 can now support larger Jobs than previous versions of Cubit Estimating, specifically
Jobs with large and multiple BIM files. To ensure the integrity and compatibility of
your Job, you can export a Job as a Cubit Estimating 9 Compatible CBX.

Additional Features & Improvements

● We’ve added support for 4K resolution screens, so all views and message boxes will
look and function better for customers with a 4K screen.

● We have improved how long it takes to Import a Job. For example, a Jobs that took 1
minute in Cubit Estimating 9, now Imports into Cubit Estimating 10 in 25 seconds.

● We have improved the time it takes to copy and paste a group of Items in your
estimate. Now, copying 20 Items has reduced from 3 seconds to 1 second.

● View in Shapes pane option added allowing you to access Shapes pane directly from
your Calculation sheet using the context menu under View in Viewport

● Exclude from Total Items are now greyed out to give direct feedback an item has
had its Total state changed, providing improved protection against accidentally
enabling an item as Exclude from Total.

● We have improved the Polyline drawing tool to toggle to orthogonal lines when
holding the Shift key.

● We have improved how Cubit Estimating retains the previously selected Job and Price List when
you use Insert from Template and Insert from Price List.


● Fixed an issue where you would not be able to open a Job if that Job had one or more
relative references with missing references.

● Fixed a rare, inconsistent issue which may cause Plans to not load or display an error

● Fixed an issue where Grouping a Job that has Referenced in its Rate Sheet will display an
error message.

● Fixed an issue where creating external references by dragging and dropping items from
Assigned Price List would overwrite existing Price List item.

● Fixed multiple issues which would cause certain BIM models to not load correctly.

● Fixed an issue where Flags in the Rate sheet might display an error message when
re-opening the job.

● Fixed an issue where reference formulas on imperial windows would not display in inches.

● Fixed an issue where importing a Global Job that had previously been imported would have
the same Job Code.

● Fixed an issue where turning off Phantom Line for a drawing would display an error

● Fixed an issue where generating a report for a Job with Show only selected option when
highlighting an item at the Trade level which is marked as Exclude from total would include
the item’s total in the report.

● Fixed an issue where sometimes, pressing the Cancel button after pressing F4 key would
continue to copy down the Quantity value in the estimate from the item above.

● Fixed a rare issue where DWG plans would not display count Items.

● Fixed a rare issue where editing your estimate would sometimes display an error message.

● Fixed an issue where you can’t change the image of a Window after using it twice.

● Fixed an issue where sometimes you have to click checkboxes more than once to check or
uncheck an option in the Details pane.

● Fixed an issue where creating a New Project and immediately creating a new folder to this
project in your Job Manager would display an error message.

● Fixed an issue where the cursor would move to the next row when you attempt to enter
Thickness of a new door in Openings Library.

● Fixed an issue where sometimes values in dropdown fields would change while scrolling your
mouse when the dropdowns are not selected.

● Fixed an issue where Best Fit and Best Fit (all columns) would not set column width
correctly in Shapes pane.

● Fixed an issue where editing a Polyline shape would sometimes display an error message.

● Fixed an issue where importing an E0X Job might display an error message that would read
Column 'Trade #' does not belong to table Summary.

● Fixed an issue where rescaling your Plan would remove the minus from existing takeoff that
are marked as deductions.

● Fixed an issue where selecting the Grid option in the Details Pane for Length by Centre
shape would display an error message.

Known Issues

● There is a known issue preventing users from merging two or more Jobs together.

● There is a known issue preventing users from opening a job that has been created with copies of
the same Job using Job Merge.

● There is a known issue where the Tax value will be removed when using the Import Global Job.
Ensure you check, and set where applicable, the Tax field in Cubit Estimating to ensure your estimate
totals are correct.

● There is a known issue where the Variation report will not display the default description.

● There is a known issue where some dialogue windows, such as New Job, Insert Plan, Scale
Plan, among others, are sometimes opening off screen when using multiple monitors. If you
encounter this issue, press Shift + Windows key + Left or Shift + Windows key + Right.

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