Cubit Estimating Version Is Now Available


Buildsoft has released an update for the Cubit Estimating software on Tuesday 16th of February 2021.
For more details about this update, including download links, please visit our blog via the link below.

Cubit Update: Version Now Available



Windows and Doors


By default, Autocount will be set to Manual Selection; so if you’ve selected an Item
with a Window Count or Door Count Result set, the window or door will be inserted
into that Item.

If you have an Item from your Estimate selected that does not have a Result of
Window Count or Door Count, you will be prompted to use Autocount to insert that
Item into an appropriate Trade.

Other Improvements

We’ve also improved hiding Windows and Doors when using the Eye icon in the
Shapes pane and when you select a Window or Door from the Viewport , the
corresponding Item from the Calculation Sheet is selected.

We have also improved what happens when you update the details for a Door or
Window, including when you edit the Name and Manufacturer.

The Openings window now uses a natural numeric sort, so you can better organise
your openings.



● We have improved the Ruler when opening a Job in Read-Only, so you can set the
Size and Colour of the line in the Viewport.

● We have improved Importing Excel files into Cubit Estimating, so Items with only a
Description will be included when Skip empty rows is checked.

● We have updated the Cubit Select shortcuts to send you directly to,
instead of redirecting you from

● We have improved how Auto Select works for round shapes, so your takeoff will be
more accurate for any ellipse spaces.

● We have improved the Cubit Estimating Management Console, so now when
restoring a Backup file, you can select Clear and Restore .

● We have added a new setting in Cubit Options, Return to previous selection when
closing Find that, by default, will be checked.


● Fixed an issue where the Totals between a Job and a Grouped Job might differ if you have
Picked Rates within a Rate Sheet with a Heading using Rate Sheet rounding.

● Fixed an issue where updated Option Codes weren’t reflected in until the Job was closed and

● Fixed an issue where sometimes an error message might be shown when editing the Notes
field in the Details pane of a selected BIM model.

● Fixed an issue where copied Shapes, with adjusted Length by Centres measurements, were
not maintaining those adjustments.

● Fixed an issue where setting Deduct to Two Sides was not working for Items with a Result
set to Vertical Area less Openings .

● Fixed an issue where editing multiple rows from the Details pane of a Shape was only editing
the first selected row.

● Fixed an issue where sometimes changing the Fill option of a Shape had no effect.

● Fixed an issue where indenting a Code from the Grouping Codes window sometimes could
delete a row.

● Fixed an issue where an error message might be displayed when undoing adding a new node
to a curved Shape.

● Fixed an issue where Exclude from Total was ignored when clicking Add Rate when inserting
a Rate from another Job.

● Fixed a rare issue where sometimes the Picked Rates where showing in the Total column
instead of the Rate column.

● Fixed an issue where clicking the Code column for a row, then clicking away would
sometimes change the Code for an Item.

● Fixed an issue where sometimes Cubit Select was using the wrong total for an Item, if that
Item’s Markup was set to -100%.

● Fixed an issue where you could change the Change column between Confirmed and Pending
for a BIM model in the Shapes pane when in a Revision.

● Fixed an issue where selecting a saved report set to the Comparison category would throw
an error message if generated from a Job.

● Fixed an issue where the Insert Plan button sometimes appeared large.

● Fixed an issue where using Find in a Job might sometimes appear poorly spaced when
viewing Cubit Estimating on a 4K, or higher, resolution.

● Fixed an issue where grouping a Job on Quantity Codes, correctly coded Items sometimes
appeared under the Incorrectly Coded heading.

● Fixed an issue where a Job exported with Include Picked Rates checked and Include Rate
Sheet unchecked would ignore Picked Rates when imported.

● Fixed an issue where sometimes you can be prompted to update the Option Group for a
Locked Job.

● Fixed an issue where entering 001 in a cell would automatically load the RUP001 formula.

● Fixed an issue where the sometimes clicking with the mouse might sometimes switch
original and revised Plans.

● Fixed an issue where the BOQ formatting controls menu sometimes flickers.

● Fixed an issue where clicking Go To Next Result didn’t work for BIM Shapes.

● Fixed an issue where clicking Insert Constants would display an error message when the
Result column was selected.

● Fixed an issue where the Length in a Calculation Sheet wasn’t updated when a door width
was changed for an Item with a Result of Length Less Opening until that Job was closed and

● Fixed an issue where percentage adjustments in Rate sheets were not calculating correctly
on Picked Rates for copied Jobs.

● Fixed an issue where Picked Rates were not transferred to a Grouped Job when inspecting
down to the Calculation Sheet.

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