Downloading Cubit Estimating on sites with enhanced security.


Some secure system may have issues downloading Cubit Estimating by clicking on the Cubit Estimating link contained in supplied material.

Here are suggestions on ways to overcome these restrictions.


1. Find the link you want to copy contained within the supplied supporting email.

  • Text links in the email are will be underlined and a different colour than the surrounding text. 

Copy and Paste the Link

2. Right-click the link.

* If you're on a Mac with a single mouse button, hold Ctrl and click to open the right-click menu.

3. Select the "Copy link" option. When a link is copied, it is sent to your clipboard to be pasted elsewhere.

The wording of this option will vary depending on what program you are using. Below are some common examples:

      • Chrome - "Copy link address"
        • Firefox - "Copy Link Location"
        • Internet Explorer - "Copy shortcut"
        • Safari - "Copy Link"

4. Place your cursor into the browsers address bar. 

5. Paste the link. 

There are several ways you can paste your copied link:

      • Right-click wherever your cursor is and select "Paste."
      • Press Ctrl+V (Windows) 
      • * If you're on a Mac ⌘ Cmd+V (Mac).

Click Enter


The download will begin within your default download manager.


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