18 July 2021 - New User Preference for Plugs


Buildsoft has released an important update for Cubit Select on Sunday the 18th July 2021.


New Features

Calculate picked Estimates as Plugs

You can now choose to include or exclude picked Estimates from the Plug percentage through your User Preferences settings.



  • Picked Suppliers in the PDF and Excel for Manual Adjustment Summary Report are now highlighted with a coloured background for better visual representation.
  • Only an Admin can delete a job.


  • Fixed an issue where Import Suppliers from Excel would fail if there was a Supplier with an invalid email address.
  • Fixed an issue where the Plug Percentage on the Quotes Summary page can be different from the Review page when Estimates are picked.
  • Fixed the Plug Percentage Tooltip display on the Quotes Summary page.
  • Fixed the issue where an empty column was displayed on the Review page.
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