Outage Alert: Updated - Licence Activation issues for Cubit Estimating users




Update: 20th October 2021

There was an outage with our third-party server that affected our Cubit Estimating Activation Server. This outage occurred between 5:00 am to 2:44 pm AEDT on 19/10/2021, and during this time some of our customers were unable to access Cubit Estimating.  


We closely monitored this incident, and are taking steps to avoid it happening again. We are introducing additional redundancies and finding ways to communicate updates even more efficiently with our customers. 


During the incident, we suggested as a preventative measure, unchecking the Release licence on exit from the Cubit Estimating settings. If you did this, you can re-enable this setting.


We take outages seriously and appreciate your understanding as we worked to resolve this issue. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience or disruption to your work.


Update: 19th October 2021

Our preliminary investigations indicate the issue has been resolved but we are still investigating the cause and effects for our customers.

We are aware of an issue affecting licence activations for Cubit Estimating that is causing some users to be unable to access Cubit Estimating. Specifically, the issue is affecting Cubit Estimating customers who have a subscription to the software, as well as all customers who have their licence set to ‘release on exit’. 

This issue is due to a server error with our third-party licencing service provider, and we are continuing to work with them and our teams to resolve the issue as swiftly as possible. 

We anticipate that this issue will continue to affect customers throughout the rest of today. 

If you are not experiencing this issue, as a preventative measure we recommend unchecking the setting in your Cubit Options Release licence on exit. From within Cubit Estimating, you can access the application menu from the top left corner of your software. Uncheck this option from the Cubit Estimating Options window, in the General tab in the Licencing Group. You can view instructions on how to do this via our Help Centre article, here


We will continue to provide you with updates regularly on this page.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience or disruption to your work and would like to assure you we are continuing to work with our third-party licencing service provider to swiftly resolve the issue.

Kind regards,

The Team at Buildsoft

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