21 November 2021 - Add your Company Logo to Invitations


Buildsoft has released an important update for Cubit Select on Sunday the 21st November 2021.


New Features

Company Logo in Invitations and Messages

An Admin can now upload a Company Logo to their Account, from the Profile dropdown. This logo will be displayed on the Supplier Portal and in the Invitations and Messages that are sent out to Suppliers.


Fig 1. Company Logo


Choose and Save Uninvited Suppliers

You can now plan the Invitation process by saving the Suppliers you would like to invite for each Trade Package and then send out Invitations when the Trade Package is ready.



  • The style of notifications displayed in Cubit Select are clearly categorised and they now have a better visual representation for the user.


  • Fixed an issue where editing a Supplier from the Suppliers page would clear its Description field.
  • Fixed an issue where copying a number with a comma (thousands separator, e.g. 5,000) and pasting it in the Quotes Comparison page would convert the comma to a decimal point.
  • Fixed an issue where newly created Suppliers would sometimes not appear in the Add Quote dropdown.
  • Fixed an issue where restoring a Snapshot would sometimes not refresh the Quotes Summary page.
  • Fixed an issue where sending very large Jobs from Cubit Estimating to Cubit Select would sometimes fail.
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