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Buildsoft has released an update for the Cubit Estimating software in January 2022.
For more details about this update, including download links, please visit our blog via the link below.

Cubit Estimating 2022


Multi-User Collaboration

Multiple users in Cubit Estimating can now work in the same Job at the same time with our new Cubit Estimating Enterprise. You will be able to work freely on Trades, affecting your own takeoff and estimating while other users do the same.
We have introduced 3 features that enable Multi-User Collaboration:
● A new way to access a Shared Job
● You can lock Trades to yourself to disable other users from affecting them
● Improved User identity to better identify who has locked what Trade


Job Access

In Cubit Estimating Enterprise, there are now 2 ways to access a Job:
● the newly introduced Share Job Access (multiple users in a Job)
● the existing Exclusive Job Access (single user in a Job)
By default, Jobs are opened in Shared Access, but this can be changed from Settings.


When you open a Job with Shared Job Access, other users can open that Job and are
able to work within it at the same time. When collaborating in a Job, you will need to
Lock a Trade to work on it, but you can lock more than one Trade at any one time.
Shared Access is how Jobs in Cubit Estimating Enterprise are opened by default.
For actions that can affect the entire Job, you will require a temporary Job-wide lock;
these include:
● Assigning, enabling, disabling and configuring Options
● Changing Option and Variation filters
● Adding, deleting and editing Variation Codes
● Sending or receiving a Job from Cubit Select
● Generating, printing and previewing BOQ
● Beginning, finishing or reverting a Job Revision
● Adding or reverting a Plan Revision
These locks will require you to be able to lock all Trades in the Job.


You can change a Job to Exclusive Job Access from within a Job or when opening a
Job in the Job Manager if no one else has the Job open. When you have a Job open
with Exclusive Job Access enabled, other users will only be able to open that Job as
Read-Only and will be unable to affect takeoff or the estimate.
Exclusive access is the default Job Access for Cubit Estimating and Cubit Estimating


Trade Lock

To collaborate within a Job, you will be required to Lock a Trade to yourself to work
in it. You can Lock a Trade from the Trade itself or any Headings and Items within
that Trade. There are 4 ways you can do this:
● Click the Trade Lock button in the Estimate toolbar
● Click in the Trade Lock column of the Item Sheet
● Press the shortcut key (Ctrl + L)
● Select Lock Trade from the context menu
You can lock a Trade when you have the Trade or any Heading or Item within that
Trade selected. You can lock multiple Trades at the same time.
When someone else has locked a Trade, you will the name of the User as a tooltip
over the Lock icon, and see their name in the Locked by column.


Improved User Identification

You will now see your name against a Locked Trade within a Job, and a Locked Job
from the Job Manager. You can also now edit your Name, Email, and Password from
within Cubit Estimating, by clicking your name at the top right of the Job Manager.


Refresh Job

Now you can Refresh a Job you’ve opened if it’s open as Read-Only or if you have the
Job open in Shared Access. Refreshing a Read-Only Job will update the Job with any
changes made since you last opened or refreshed that Job.

Last Updated Status

The Last Updated Status bar at the bottom of a Job will reflect when the Job was last
updated. After 15 minutes, the Job will show a warning icon in this status bar,
clicking this will also let you refresh your Job.


Enhanced User Experience

We’ve improved the User Experience throughout Cubit Estimating. We’ve improved the
ribbon and Settings menu, so using the software is more intuitive. We have redesigned every
icon in Cubit Estimating so they not only work better for 4K or higher resolutions, but also for
our new Dark Mode skin.

New Icons

We have refreshed and modernised the icons throughout Cubit Estimating. This
redesign utilises vector technology to look better on all screens, including those set
to 4k resolutions and higher.
We’ve introduced more consistent theming in the icons, so it’s more obvious what
features the icons are representing, both inside a Job, a Price List, and from the Job

Improved Pane interfaces

We have renamed New Task pane to Takeoff pane.
From the Shapes, Plans, and Referencing panes, we have made the tabs more
defined, with an icon and label.

Updated Ribbon

We have updated the ribbon user interface across Cubit Estimating, including from a
Job and the Job Manager. These improvements were done to better group and label
various features together, and convey what tasks various features are performing.

Job Manager
From the Job Manager, we’ve moved Open to be the first position and added New
Folder into the List group, which was otherwise only available from the context

Within a Job
From the Home tab, we've consolidated the Openings and Insert groups together
and added drop openings control when inserting a Window/Window Opening or
Door/Door Opening.

From the Plans tab, we have moved the features in the Plan Options group to a new
Optimise group, where Flatten PDF, Rasterise Text, and Single Colour are
checkboxes in the ribbon.

From the View tab, we’ve removed the View and Display groups and added a
Viewport and Takeoff group. From the Viewport group, setting the view to 2D or 3D
is the first option, with Zoom controls next to that. From the Takeoff group, Legend,
Names and Dimensions are checkboxes that will let you show or hide these
respective details on your takeoff.

From the Data tab, we’ve moved the Import and Export groups into a new
Integrations group under the new drop-down menus for Import and Export.

We’ve introduced a new Help tab. From here you can access the User Guide. You can
also, click Help Centre and Get Help, which will launch your internet browser so you
can access the Help Centre or submit a support ticket, respectively.

Cubit Settings

We’ve renamed Options to Settings, where we’ve also introduced a new Interface
tab. From this new tab, you can select the Skin and configure panes and grids.
We’ve also rearranged some settings, so now only defaults for new Jobs can be
accessed from the Jobs tab, and any options that take effect immediately can be
accessed from the General tab.

Dark & Light Modes

We’ve updated the look of Cubit Estimating with the introduction of Light Mode and
Dark Mode. You can toggle between these options to find a look that’s best for you.
You can change between these options in Cubit Settings, from the Interface tab.
The Light Mode utilises some existing interface settings, while Dark Mode is a brand
new look.


Exclude from Sales Tax

You can exclude an Item from being included when calculating your Sales Tax.
There is a new column available in the Item Sheet and Rate Sheet labelled Exclude from tax.
By default, from this column, Items will be unchecked. You can check this box, which will
then exclude the row from being included in your Sales Tax.


Code Grouping Improvements

Managing Codes

There is a new Grouping Codes window that you can access by clicking Manage
Codes from within a Job, this consolidates the Edit Columns and Code Groups windows
into one. So now you can assign Codes to a Job by checking Assigned and edit Codes
from the same window.
We’ve added a new toolbar to help you manage your Codes in the Grouping Codes
window. These include:

Add Heading, Add and Insert Item, and Delete.
Insert Heading
Add Item
Insert Heading

● We’ve improved default column widths when adding Codes to a Job, so you
can, by default, see more of your Descriptions.
● When you hover your mouse over a Code, the tooltip will show the
Description of that Code.

Job Grouping

There are new tools and features available when Grouping a Job and when viewing a
Grouped Job.
● We’ve added buttons from the Estimate toolbar, so you can click to see only
Trade Summary, Show Selected Trades, or Show all Items.
● There is a new option that you can check named Expand Grouped View by
default, which can be found on the Interface tab of Settings.
● You can now use Export Selected when exporting to Microsoft Excel when
your source is set to a Grouped View.
● When Grouping a Job, you can set the Code Position, selecting between
Display on right or Display on left.


Improved Imperial Display and Input

Cubit Estimating now supports additional input and display of FIS (Feet Inch Sixths) and FIF
(Feet Inch Fractions) for lengths.


You can now change how lengths are shown for an Imperial Job. By default, Decimal
is selected, but from the General tab in Settings, you can change this to FIS or FIF.
Changing this option will affect how lengths are shown for Items set with a Result of
Length or Length less openings or Length by Centre and for Shapes in the Viewport.



Cubit Estimating will let you enter FIS and FIF formatted quantities in your Estimate.
You can use spaces to enter FIS values and you can enter an FIF value with a prime
mark following the feet, and a double prime after the inch and fraction.
Cubit Estimating will display the default set for Imperial length format, but will
convert your input value to the display set.


Windows 11 Compatible

Cubit Estimating is now supporting Windows 11, so you can work comfortable with the latest operating system.


Price List Improvements

We’ve added the estimate toolbar for Price Lists, so it’s much easier to build up a Price List.
You can utilise the new buttons to Create and Add a Trade, Heading, or Item. You can also
utilise the shortcut keys from a Job for this too, including Ctrl+T for a Trade, or Ctrl + I for an
We’ve also improved how Cubit Estimating will maintain references between a Job and a
Price List, so when sharing a Job and Price List, the references can be maintained.


New Localisation Settings

As Cubit Estimating continues to reach more customers around the world, we have
introduced some new features to help users across the world; including a first-run settings
confirmation window and the ability to set your Country.

First-run Confirmation

When installing Cubit Estimating for the first time, a user will see a confirmation
window that lets you confirm your Country. The different countries have different
defaults that best fit those locations, including setting the Language, assigning a
default Measurement Type, and setting the name and rate for the Sale Tax.
This won’t affect existing installations, except you will be able to set your Country in
the settings menu.


BOQ Improvements

● We’ve improved how long Descriptions are cut off, so now three ellipses indicate
that the Description is cut off.
● Fixed an issue where long Trade names were being cut off.
● Fixed an issue where font sizes were sometimes changing within a Trade, Heading or
Item in a BOQ Report.
● Fixed an issue where the BOQ was generated with a single Heading per page.
● Fixed an issue where sometimes an extra line was inserted between the rows of a
Heading when Print Blank line between continued headings is checked.
● Fixed a rare issue where if a certain character limit was reached for a Continued
Heading, the BOQ Report might attempt to generate pages indefinitely.
● Fixed an issue where sometimes Descriptions with ‘Extra Over’ was not underlined
when Underline Extra Over was checked.
● Fixed an issue where some Items were doubling up when not printing to A4.


Additional Features & Improvements

● You can now Pause referencing from updating in real-time within a Job and
Recalculate References from the new Referencing group in the ribbon. By default,
Pause Sync is enabled when a Job is in Shared Access.
● There are Aggregate Rate and Aggregate Qty columns in Rate Sheets and Grouped
● You can now enter equals at the beginning of a formula when entering one.
● You can now Undo and Redo from the Quick Access toolbar.
● By default, Flatten PDF is checked when installing Cubit Estimating for the first time.
● We’ve improved default column widths, so they display better when you're using a
scaling on a computer of higher than 100%.
● We’ve removed Cordell Direct integration as CoreLogic will no longer be managing or
offering this platform.
● You can now move the columns from the Item sheet when your Job is opened with
Material/Labour mode.



● Fixed an issue where all Projects were expanded in the Job Manager when closing a Job.
● Fixed an issue where the Cascade setting was reset to Down every time you opened the
Insert Price List window.
● Fixed an issue where some Jobs weren’t sorting correctly when sorting Jobs by their Totals in
the Job Manager.
● Fixed an issue where Totals were not updated when clearing a Rate Sheet until you closed
and reopened a Job.
● Fixed an issue where a new Job created from a Price List Template would clear the Sales tax
Name and Rate.
● Fixed an issue where some values were reflected as a negative value in the Calculation Sheet
when importing an E0X file.
● Fixed an issue where the Openings Library from the Job Manager would always show values
in metric.
● Fixed an issue where pinned Windows and Doors were always showing their values in metric.
● Fixed a rare issue where you weren’t able to open a Job that included a Plan with missing
● Fixed a rare issue where sometimes you couldn’t Import a Job to replace an existing Job.
● Fixed an issue where some Global E0X Jobs would not import correctly into Cubit Estimating.
● Fixed an issue where sometimes from a Price List, when changing a Heading to an Item an
error message might appear.
● Fixed an issue where Cubit Estimating might freeze after accessing Gross Floor Area.
● Fixed a rare issue where sometimes Cubit Estimating wasn’t connecting to Cubit Select.
● Fixed an issue where importing an updated Price List wasn’t replacing the existing Price List.
● Fixed an issue where sometimes Headings for Options and Variations were being deleted
when creating Items underneath that Heading.
● Fixed an issue where after updating your Job having empty Reference Codes you might have
used in your SUM or TSUM formula, you wouldn't be able to open it.
● Fixed an issue where the Markup of a Heading was not imported when Inserting from
Microsoft Excel.
● Fixed an issue where changing the Code for a row copied from Calculation Sheets would
change the Code for the original row.
● Fixed an issue when using Ctrl + M to Flag an Item created from using F4 would clear the
Description of the Item.
● Fixed an issue where newly added Flags were not being included when going to Previous or
Next Flags.
● Fixed a rare issue where sometimes when creating formulas with References and using
multiplication and negative values might be changed when recalculating the formula.
● Fixed an issue where an error message was sometimes displayed when double-clicking a Job
to open from the Job Manager if that Job had been deleted by another user.
● Fixed a rare issue where you might not have been able to open a Job if any value field, like
Rate or Quantity was using a number with 30 or more digits.



Cubit Estimating Pro + BIM will now be known as Cubit Estimating Enterprise. This version will include the existing BIM features and the job collaboration features.



Cubit Estimating 2022 is compatible with Windows 11.

Cubit Estimating 2022 is compatible with:
● Global Estimating 2019
● Offsider Estimating 2019


Known Issues

● There is a known issue when Importing a Job into Cubit Estimating Enterprise and rescaling a
Plan within that Job the takeoff quantities will show as 0. If you close and reopen the Plan
when rescaling it, this will not happen, and if you show 0 quantities this will fix those values.
● There is a known issue when Importing an Excel file into the Price List returns an error.

● There is a known issue when Importing an Openings Library Excel file returns an error.


Please refer to our blog for download locations.

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