Cubit Estimating 2022 (11.1.2) is now available


Buildsoft has released an update for the Cubit Estimating software.
For more details about this update, including download links, please visit our blog via the link below.

Cubit Estimating Release 2022.1


New Function

Auto-lock for Trades

You can now start working in Shared access mode and Cubit Estimating will automatically lock any relevant trades to your user account. This creates a more natural approach to your estimating workflow.

The following list shows some of the actions that will trigger the Autolock feature;

  • Drawing or modifying a shape
  • Creating or modifying a line item or heading
  • Inserting from a Pricelist or Template
  • Dropping a shape onto a line item from the Viewport
  • Modifying a Calculation Sheet or Rate Sheet item
  • Changing values in the details pane or shapes pane
  • Adding a flag to an item

You will be prompted if a trade has been locked by another user.

You will still be required to manually unlock a trade when you have completed working.

You can also release all of your locked trades by exiting the job.


Additional Features & Improvements

  • Performance improvements when opening the Job Manager
    • A job list that takes 30 - 40 seconds to load in v10 and 60 - 80 seconds in v2022, now takes 20-22 seconds in v2022.1
    • Note: the performance improvements of opening a job list can be affected by the database size and number of jobs
  • Performance improvements when opening a job
    • A job that takes 61 seconds to open in v10 and 78 seconds in v2022, now takes 13 seconds in v2022.1
    • Note: the performance improvements of opening a job can be affected by the number and complexity of references in the job
  • Performance improvements when refreshing a job
    • A job that takes 49 seconds to refresh in v2022, now takes 8 seconds in v2022.1
    • Note: the performance improvements of refreshing a job can be affected by the number and complexity of references in the job
  • Improved tooltips for the following columns
    • Conversion
    • Factor
    • No.
    • Wastage
    • Markup
    • Excl from Tax
  • F9 shortcut key now works within price lists
  • Copyright Year changed to 2022 in Cubit Estimating information
  • Updated web browser control for login to Xero
  • Updated message box for out of date references in Dark Skin mode
  • Automatically displays 2D plan revisions with reopening a revised job
  • Improvements to icons in context menu




  • Fixed an issue where an error would show when adding details to the Windows Library
  • Fixed an issue when refreshing a job after another user has added or removed a point to/from a shape
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate Ref Codes were created in shared access mode
  • Fixed an issue where Cubit was unable to properly undo a deleted trade if it contains an item with a rate sheet
  • Fixed issue with importing Excel/CSV into Job in shared access
  • Fixed Error with importing Excel/CSV into Price List
  • Resolved issue where refresh a job would return cursor selection to previous item
  • Resolved issue when switching from shared to exclusive mode to rescale a plan. Scaling would result in an incorrect scale.
  • Stopped creation of references to deleted shape results
  • Fixed an issue where option heading configuration could be changed while another user had a trade locked
  • Fixed an issue where the BuilderTrend export function creates Excel file that cannot be imported into BuilderTrend
  • Resolved ability for a user to delete grouped views when another user has exclusive access
  • Resolved error when undoing and redoing a deleted item
  • "Refresh Job" icon no longer appears in ribbon for price list
  • Fixed an issue where updated shape properties were not properly reflected in shared access mode.
  • Resolved an issue in which upgraded licences were not reflecting upgraded feature sets.
  • Fixed issue where Job total isn’t recalculated when the estimate is updated from excel
  • Fixed an issue with pasting external references with relative referencing
  • Cubit Estimating now prevents trades from expanding when a new item is added in collapsed view
  • Fixed an issue where the Revision status column in the IFC Shapes Pane was not showing icons at high DPI
  • Fixed an issue where importing Excel file containing blank columns and blank rows into a Job would create an Unhandled Exception
  • Moving Price List Items within a Price List now performs the same as within a Job
  • Fixed an issue when using 'Backspace' on keyboard to clear a flag would not delete the associated comment.
  • Fixed an issue in which Trade summary charts were showing “Exclude from total” items

Please refer to our blog for download locations.

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