Known Issue - The quantity field shows 0.0 instead of a blank field for Trade Headings


Versions Affected:

We have received feedback related to Cubit Estimating

Trade headings previously showed a blank cell value for the quantity column.

In Version trade headings will show a value of 0.0 rather than a blank cell.

The actual totals for the job will not be affected, this is purely graphical in nature within trade headings and is something our development team are looking into currently.

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  • I know its recent, but has this been resolved yet? We have to keep blanking out / whitening out the "zero's" from our printouts before issuing to client - other than changing our custom reports.

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  • Hi Grant,

    My apologies for the trouble this one is causing.
    We are working on this but unfortunately there is no fix currently available
    I know this must be a bit a frustrating one, but bear with us and we'll get a fix available ASAP.

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