Update price list from an Excel file


On occasion, you may find yourself needing to update an existing price list in Cubit Estimating from an Excel file.

To do this, you will need to make sure the Excel file has the reference codes that match the codes for each item in the Cubit Estimating price list.

The current reference codes for the items in the price list can be seen in the Ref Column when you open the price list.

These codes will allow you to use reference formulas to refer to link to these items.


Fig.1 Cubit Estimating Price List Reference Codes


The Excel file containing the updates can then be imported into the price list using the Excel import function on the toolbar of the price list.
For more information on the process of importing data from Excel into a Price list or Job, see the links below to related articles.

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Fig.1 Excel Insert Option

In the screenshot below, there are four columns in the Excel file being imported.
The first is the trade heading, the second is the item description, the third is the reference code, and the fourth is the rate.
These columns can be defined using the Source Column drop down boxes on the right hand side of the import window.

Fig.1 Excel Import


When the Update button is clicked, any items in the Excel file that differ from the price list will be updated.
Any new items will be added.

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