18 June 2023 - Enhancements for Invitation and Supplier Management



Buildsoft released an update for Cubit Select on Sunday the 18th of June 2023.


Known Issue

Adding a quote to a large trade package may sometimes be slow. We are currently investigating this issue and will provide a fix as soon as possible.


New Features

  • Automatic Supplier notification for new documents:
    • You can now automatically notify Suppliers associated with Trade Packages when new documents are assigned.

Fig 1. Assign Documents to Trade Packages


  • Export the Supplier list:
    • Users now can export the Supplier list in either CSV or XLS format.

Fig 2. Export Supplier to CSV

  • Timestamps for Supplier lifecycle:
  • When a Supplier’s lifecycle status is changed – Pending, Accepted, Quoted, etc. – a timestamp is displayed.
    • By hovering over the timestamp, a tooltip displays a history panel indicating the date of prior actions (such as Pending, Accepted, etc.).

Fig 3. Timestamps Supplier status

  • Supplier note tags:
    • Users can now tag a note against a specific Supplier. These notes can be filtered and quickly identified both in the Quotes Summary and Quotes Comparison pages, and the Trade Packages tab.

Fig 4. Supplier note tags

  • Send messages to all Suppliers by status:
    • When sending a message to Suppliers, users can now choose if they wish to send it to a group of Suppliers by status (e.g., Pending, Accepted, etc.).

Fig 5. Message to supplier

  • Trade Categories can now be imported via CSV:
    • Users can now import supplier Trade Categories.
    • A heading of “Trade” must be listed in the import document, as shown below.
    • Unique trade names must be separated by a semicolon.

Fig 6. Trade Categories CSV

    • Trade Categories that have no exact match with Cubit Select’s categories will be ignored when imported.



  • Changes to the navigational elements on the Quotes page have been made to improve the user experience. You can now toggle between the Quotes Summary View and Comparison View from an icon, which is displayed above the Trade Package list on the Summary page, and to the left of the Trade Package dropdown field on the Comparison page.


Fig 7. Quote Summary page showing the Comparison View icon



Fig 8. Comparison Grid page showing the Summary View icon


  • Suppliers page load time improvements:
    • The Supplier page now displays 100 Suppliers per page to improve the page load time. Left/right arrows are available toward the bottom of the page to aid with navigating to other pages.


  • Data in the comparison grid can now be copied from Cubit Select using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + C (or CMD + C):
    • Cells can be copied individually.
    • Vertical columns can be copied by dragging over a selection or copying the entire column.
    • Horizontal rows can be copied by selecting the line number on the left side column.
    • Individual rows or multiple rows can be selected.


  • Fixed the ability to enter a number with or without a leading zero (e.g., .55 or 0.55) in the rate column.


  • A new prompt will appear after changing a heading amount in the Comparison Grid if that heading has items that have been calculated prior.

Fig 9. Change a heading total prompt



  • Fixed an issue where jobs sometimes stay locked on exit from Cubit Select.
  • Fixed an issue with the search field when selecting Suppliers.
  • Fixed the ability to sort via the “Success” and “Primary Contact” columns on the Suppliers page.
  • Fixed an issue where Pro-rata calculations were included in the Trade Package Overview Report as plugs.
  • Fixed an issue with updating lower or upper-case letters in the Supplier Name (e.g., ABc Supplier can now be updated to ABC Supplier).
  • Fixed an issue where uploading a company logo showed incorrect proportions.
  • Fixed the display of the "Choose Discipline" dialog on small screens.




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