13 August 2023 - Bug Fixes and Security Improvements


Buildsoft released an update for Cubit Select on Sunday the 13th of August 2023.



“Job is currently unavailable” alert
• The user experience has been improved to provide more specific information about why a Job might be temporarily unavailable (e.g., receiving updates from Cubit Estimating, or Snapshot creation/restoration).
• If Cubit Select is receiving updates from Cubit Estimating, a progress bar will also be shown to indicate an update is in progress.



• Fixed an issue when the browser cache needs refreshing after a new release.
• Fixed an issue that the job lock releases before completing receiving updates from Cubit Estimating.
• Fixed an issue so that pressing “Enter” on the keyboard does not inadvertently close Send Message or Invite Supplier windows.
• Fixed an issue where Cubit Select integration may be impacted by Group Code hierarchies.
• Fixed an issue when exporting or restoring a Job to include Quote Amounts Note.
• Fixed an issue where refreshing the browser would incorrectly release a Job lock initiated by the Create or Restore Snapshot dialog.
• Fixed an issue where the Job lock would be deleted if two tabs were open simultaneously and both were creating Snapshots. Only one Snapshot may now be created at once, irrespective of the number of open tabs.
• Fixed an issue in the Trade Packages tab where sending a Message to Suppliers in the All Trade Packages dialog caused an unexpected error if a contact did not have an email address.


Security Improvements

Security checks on account access management have been improved:

  • The length and complexity of passwords have been increased to a required minimum of nine (9) characters, comprising a combination of all four (4) of the following characteristics: Upper-case, letters, lower-case letters, numerals, and special characters (e.g., ', !, %, $, #, etc.).
  • The number of failed login attempts before temporary account lockout has been reduced to six (6) to meet security requirements.
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