Cubit Estimating 2022 (11.3.3) is now available


Hotfix Update

  • Fixed an issue where renaming count shapes may cause errors when the shapes are visible in the viewport.
  • Resolved an issue where some users were unable to open jobs due to certain count shapes having invalid locations.
  • Fixed an issue where calculation sheet items couldn't be deleted when using PostgreSQL 9.2 or older with Cubit 11.3 versions.


Added scenarios where a license will be released for network users when 'Release license when exiting' is checked in Settings.

  • The license will be released when the computer goes to sleep
    • Note: If the user locks the computer, but it does not go to sleep, the license won't be released.
  • The license will be released when the computer shuts down
    • Note: In case of a power failure, the license may not be released due to insufficient time to complete the process.

Performance Improvements

  • Increased takeoff performance for the "Count" tool.
    • Note: with the new performance increases, the functionality of the count tool has changed; when selecting the count tool, you can add multiple count points to a plan/take off; however, these are not saved UNTIL you right-click'
  • Increased viewport performance for importing and loading PDF Plans with a large number of entities:
    • Added a new feature that will auto-rasterise complex layers with a certain number of elements when importing PDF plans.
    • Added the ability to define thresholds for the automatic rasterisation of complex plan layers in the settings.
    • Added ability to rasterise and unrasterize specific layers in a plan.
  • Improved response time for closing shapes during takeoff.
  • Improved performance when copying jobs in the job manager screen
    • Note: Performance improvements are more significant for larger and more detailed jobs.
  • Cubit Select integration-related performance:
    • Improved response time when the system sets empty quantities to 0 or 1 before sending jobs to Cubit Select.
    • Improved the response time of the system receiving picked rates from Cubit Select.
  • General performance improvements in the Estimate Sheet functions, including item insertion and data entry in cells.


Other Improvements

  • Added the ability to export Price Lists as Excel files from the Home Tab.
  • Added the ability to set the 'Add Exclude from Tax' Checkbox in the Details Pane.
  • Added the ability to use CTRL + (Arrow keys) to move word by word through text descriptions in Cubit Estimating.
  • Improved the database backup experience for larger databases:
    • Automatic check for available free hard drive space and notification if there is insufficient space for backup or restore
  • Added the ability to sort the job list by when a job was last updated/worked on.
  • Enhanced the enable and disable status of drawing tools when a trade or item is locked/unlocked by another user.
  • Reduced the trade and item limitations for Student and Educational licenses.
  • Improved the experience in cases where a time-out occurs due to a job taking longer than expected to send updates to Cubit Select. 


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue with deleting merged jobs.
  • Fixed corruption of Excel files generated from the "openings" library.
  • Fixed an issue where the positions of window and door openings can be affected by the height of other shape results.
  • The Vertical Area - Less Openings Result Type will now update correctly in the calculation sheet when the Shape/Shape Result is changed in real-time.
  • Resolved issue with finishing revisions hindered by window/door opening thickness.
  • Certain plans can now be opened even with issues related to window/door models; if there are any issues, the system will display a list of affected items when loading that job/plan.
  • Fixed intermittent exceptions during job refreshing with variation codes.
  • Fixed crashes in specific scenarios that create circular references.
  • Eliminated ability to create circular references in multi-user mode
  • Fixed issue related to repeated prompts to refresh jobs when deleting locked door/window category.
  • Prevented deletion of window/door when unable to delete opening due to lock.
  • Fixed CTRL-A (Select All) functionality.
  • Fixed exceptions during job refresh and finalising revision with consecutive creation of doors and windows.
  • Ensured the first revised IFC plan is not hidden in the "Viewport" when refreshing the job.
  • Fixed columns are no longer locked to a position/forced when using different layouts (e.g., Result column).
  • Exceptions no longer occur when refreshing a job with the legend enabled and all shapes are hidden.
  • Prevented deletion of opening from different plans when deleting shape.
  • Undoing the deletion of an opening from the viewport or calculation sheet now immediately restores the window/door to the plan legend.
  • The ability to create circular references in single-user mode has been eliminated.
  • In a multi-user environment, two users can now use Excel Export consecutively without issues.
  • Windows and doors no longer use the "length by center" icon on the legend.
  • Fixed the intermittent issue of the Cubit Select login window disappearing behind the main Cubit window.
  • Fixed a time sync issue where there was no prompt to update the option group of a job if edited by a user whose clock was behind the previous user.
  • Fixed the issue where changing the position of a plan within the plans list would hide shapes/categories for that plan on the shapes pane.
  • The legend is now immediately updated when undoing the deletion of a trade.
  • Pressing Ctrl-V a second time after "Cut"-ing an item will no longer cause an exception.
  • Copying a "Cut" calculation or rate sheet item to a different calculation sheet now creates a copy, as expected.
  • Under specific circumstances, the "An error occurred in the Viewport" error is no longer displayed.
  • Users are no longer prompted to refresh multiple times when trying to lock a trade using the estimate toolbar lock icon and cancelling the prompt.
  • The lock icon on the estimate sheet toolbar now functions consistently.
  • Selecting all the trade items using Ctrl+A and deleting now works as intended.
  • The Plan report now uses the correct result type icons.
  • Typing into the formula bar in the price list is now possible without typing in the estimate grid first.
  • The Import/Export file explorer interface now shows all files.
  • Exporting to Excel from a Grouped View now displays the correct Aggregated Quantity.
  • Users are no longer prevented from unindenting a trade in the price list.
  • An exception no longer occurs when copying an Estimate Item to the calculation Sheet.
  • Fixed issue of IFC revisions displaying incorrectly for other users when refreshing a job in a multi-user environment has been successfully resolved.
  • An exception when opening a 2D revised plan after another user has completed job revision has been addressed.
  • Deleting trades is now faster.
  • An exception no longer occurs when clicking on the Job Manager filter with two jobs selected.
  • Errors related to exporting jobs in different project folders on the job manager screen are no longer displayed incorrectly.
  • Updated the checkbox wording at the end of the server installation process.
  • Calculations from the Rate Sheet using factors/wastage now correctly total in their trade headings.
  • Sending more than one item from Global to a Cubit job containing a grouped view no longer causes an exception.
  • New message dialogs are no longer pushed behind the Scale Plan dialog.
  • Cut-Paste-Undo-Paste sequence no longer causes exceptions.
  • The calculation sheet now updates correctly after a refresh prompted by trying to edit a calculation sheet item that another user deleted.
  • Fixed time sync-related locking and refresh issues.
  • Fixed time sync issue causing multiple refresh prompts and potential Cubit freeze for Windows 11 users.
  • Fixed exceptions when another user deletes a large trade during refresh.
  • The calculation sheet accurately displays deduction from vertical less area openings shape results.
  • Fixed exceptions when editing window height/width/manufacturer after closing and reopening a job.
  • Fixed errors related to exporting jobs in different headings on the job manager screen.
  • Fixed jobs exported while in revision from Cubit 10 can now be imported into Cubit 11.
  • Fixed unexpected behaviour when another user has an exclusive lock on a job.
  • Estimate toolbar lock icon now functions correctly after job refresh.
  • Toggling Include in Trade and navigating with arrow keys no longer triggers Edit mode on the next cell.
  • Improved keyboard interaction with lock column in job.
  • Fixed exception when Copying/Pasting Rate sheet item to calculation sheet.
  • Updated result type icons on legend.
  • IFC Revision status icons in the estimate sheet no longer unexpectedly display as the previous value when refreshing a second time.
  • Jobs containing references can now be opened in read-only mode.
  • Recalculating references now correctly clears reference cached values when items are deleted.
  • Windows and Doors now remain in the correct position on the plan when moving a shape.
  • Editing a large area in the viewport is now more efficient.
  • Other actions on Shapes that should require a Refresh now function as expected.
  • The Options/Variations filter state now refreshes when refreshing the Job.
  • Toggling Options on the Options Pane now refreshes the Job as intended.
  • Trades on exclusive mode jobs are now correctly shown as locked for other users.
  • Plan Revision can now be added when the revisable plan has the Rasterise Text option enabled.
  • The Code dropdown window now shows more items when expanded vertically.
  • Undo now properly restores manual totals that were replaced by the rate sheet.
  • At higher display scalings, the References pane now displays correctly.
  • When first adding a PDF plan revision, information in the "Revisions tab" of the "Plans pane" is now displayed fully.
  • The width of the double-door 3D model no longer resets after closing and opening the job.
  • "Cubit Reports" no longer encounter exceptions in "Material and Labour" mode jobs with Excluded Items at level 1 in the estimate.
  • Adding a column in Simple jobs no longer affects the column ordering of newly created Material/Labor jobs.
  • The position of the "Update Select Job" dialog is now consistent throughout the program.
  • Cubit job export projects with folders now work seamlessly.
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  • There is no link for the update?

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  • Hi Aidan,

    You are correct that there is no link to download the update on this article.
    This article is only to convey the change information for this update.

    I would recommend raising a support case so that we can provide you with all the details you need for this update.

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  • Can you please send me a link for Cubit Enterprise 2022 Build

    Trevor Moseley QS Project Services

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  • Hi
    Could you please comment on any future upgrades.
    Most of this update is for bug fixes and no real improvement to the software. Last year when I sought some validation of continuing to pay my monthly fee, I was told there were some significant upgrades coming in January. Is that still the case?

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  • Hi Stephen,

    I want to thank you for your comment, I have provided a response to you directly but if you have any questions, feel free to respond to my comments.



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  • Any time i copy shapes from a calculation sheet to another one, it is jump to top . How can i fix ? Thanks.

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  • Hi Bob,
    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This issue has now been addressed and links to the update have been sent to you directly.

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