Global Estimating Standalone Activation Installation



Known Issue: There is a known issue with activating Global Estimating. Please click below for more details.

Global Estimating and Offsider Estimating Activation Announcement


Version: 2019 R10

To install the Global Estimating Standalone interim update download the installation file global-2019-r10.exe and do the following:

1. To make sure the Global installer is unblocked, right-mouse click on the installer and select Properties

2. Tick the Unblock box in the Properties window. Click Apply and then click OK to exit.

3. Right-click on the installer file and click Open


4. Click Unzip


5. The patches will be unzipped and installed in your device. Click OK to complete the installation.

6. Click Close.

You can now open your Global Estimating.

Company Name for reports

On starting the Global Estimating with the Activation fix for the first time, you will be asked to enter your company name. This is used in your Global Estimating reports.  

Type in the company name you wish to have appear on your reports and click OK.

If you make a mistake typing in your company name, open your Windows File Explorer and navigate to your C:\ESW\ folder.

Delete the file named CompanyInfo.txt 

Open Global Estimating again and you will be prompted to enter your company name again.




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