March 2024 Update: Delivering new improvements and enhancements


Release Date: 24 March 2024

We’ve been working hard to implement some new improvements to enhance your experience using Cubit Select, to make it easier to use, and faster to update.


Performance Improvements

  • A range of third-party and infrastructure components have been updated to provide multiple improvements to the performance and security of Cubit Select; including:
    • Faster loading times for pages.
    • Faster data entry responsiveness on the Comparison page.
    • Faster loading when adding a Quote.
    • Security improvements.

  • Performance is improved when processing Job data being merged from Cubit Estimating. Significant time savings may be observed when acknowledging changes after numerous updates have been sent from Cubit Estimating.


Additional Improvements

We’ve made a range of small updates to the UI of Cubit Select as well as other general improvements to make your experience using the software as easy and intuitive as possible.

  • The message that appears when a Job is locked due to pushing updates from Cubit Estimating to Cubit Select has been updated to be clearer, which alerts the user that the Job is temporarily locked from Cubit Select and asks them to try again later.

  • A New Release dialog has been introduced which will appear when a user logs in to Cubit Select after a new release. This dialog will provide a summary of new features that have been introduced, along with a link to view an article outlining improvements and enhancements.

  • On the Details tab, a Google map placeholder icon appears whenever a Job does not contain location details. This icon has been minimised to reduce its prominence on the page. The text No address provided is also displayed to add context.

  • The No Suppliers Invited icon that appears on the Trade Packages tab when there are no Suppliers invited to a specific Trade Package has been minimised to reduce its prominence on the page. A Choose Suppliers button has also been added underneath the icon to facilitate selecting Suppliers to invite.

  • In the User Management section, a tooltip, on hover, will now display the full description of the permission type that was previously truncated.

  • Column alignment improvements have been made to both the Quote and Trade Items reports. Additionally, the Total field in the Quote report has been highlighted. These improvements have been made to help improve the readability of the reports.

  • On the Documents tab and the Quotes tab Documents dialog the Uploaded By heading column has been changed to Updated By. This minor improvement better aligns with the Date Updated column heading.

  • Changes to the colour of the Character limit reached text have been made to bring them in line with other locations where this warning appears. The warning text now appears in red rather than black in the following locations:
    • User Management page – when clicking the Add Team button which is accessed via the Teams button and Manage Teams dialog.
    • Suppliers tab – when editing a Supplier and adding a Description to their details.

  • When the Builder adds Notes via the Notes panel to the far right on the Trade Packages tab, they will automatically collapse and a view more link will appear whenever the Notes exceed five lines. The view more link will enable the entire Note to be viewed. Clicking view less will collapse the Note again. This addition improves the user experience when numerous Notes have been added, by allowing more of them to remain in view.

  • When viewing Trade Package item descriptions on the Comparison Grid, via the Quotes tab, descriptions that were too long for the column width have previously been truncated. The description column has been updated so that full descriptions can be viewed over multiple lines, if necessary. The merge icon, when present, is now also accessible.

  • In the Summary view on the Quotes tab, the colour of the Add Quote button has been changed from teal to light grey. This is a minor improvement to de-emphasise the importance of this button so other more important actionable elements of the page may retain prominence.



We’ve implemented a variety of fixes to help improve the way Cubit Select works.

  • The New Version and Maintenance notification dialogs can now be dismissed and will not reappear on page reload.

  • The Job level merge icon that prompts the user to acknowledge updates from Cubit Estimating is now visible irrespective of Job name length.

  • Manual quote totals will now have their pro rata rates recalculated to the estimate irrespective of whether the trade has an update notification pending.

  • The Supplier lifecycle status will change every time an update is made without having to refresh the page.

  • On the Suppliers tab, if the Builder has added a Supplier address it will now appear in the Address column of the relevant row.

  • When changing a Supplier contact’s name that is associated with a Quote, the previous email and phone numbers are now cleared, so new details may be added.

  • When sending a message or invitation to multiple Suppliers and more than one fails, the warning dialog now correctly lists all of the Supplier details corresponding to failed deliveries.

  • Trade Package names that contain special characters (e.g., “<”) will no longer be truncated in the test invitation that the Builder may opt to send to themselves.

  • The prompt that appears when a Builder removes a Supplier from a Trade Package no longer erroneously contains an HTML tag.

  • When a Job is sent from Cubit Estimating with an address outside of Australia, and the Builder navigates to the Details tab, the address no longer incorrectly converts the country location to Australia.

  • Invitation emails may now be sent to Suppliers irrespective of whether Trade names contain line breaks.

  • Ctrl-X (Cut), Ctrl-C (Copy), and Ctrl-V (Paste) shortcut keys now work as expected on the Add Quote screen.

  • New user registrations now accept email addresses that contain a “+” sign.

  • On the Review tab, upon selecting or unselecting a quote, the Review page no longer scrolls to the top of the page.

  • On the Quotes tab, in Summary View, the tick icon to the right of the Picked row now correctly displays as green when all items have been picked.

  • Suppliers will now receive an invitation to Quote on a Tender when Trade Package names are longer than 255 characters.

  • When the Builder clicks on their avatar to access their account information a white rectangle no longer appears behind the avatar.

  • Opening Cubit Select from Cubit Estimating, whilst logged in to Cubit Select, now correctly redirects the user to the Cubit Select Details tab, rather than the login screen.

  • If a Supplier’s email address bounces when the Builder invites them to a Trade Package, the Builder now receives an email alerting them of the fact.

  • On the Reports tab, invalid Excel characters in worksheet names no longer cause an error when generating a report.

  • On the Trade Packages tab, the Send Invitation dialog now retains its width when the browser is narrowed.

  • On the Quotes tab, in Summary View, when selecting Edit Quote and clearing the Supplier name, the NEW label is now also cleared.

  • On the Quotes tab, in Comparison View, the Trade Package dropdown menu now accommodates larger totals without obscuring the dropdown arrow.

  • On the Documents tab, re-uploaded documents will now correctly show the modified date, and the column label has been changed to Date Updated.

  • The Manual Adjustment Summary report now accommodates totals up to 99,999,999 in the Estimate, Adj and Total columns.



To take advantage of the new additions and fixes introduced in Cubit Select, you should be operating Cubit Estimating version 10.1 or higher.

It’s always important to keep your software up to date. Having the latest version of Cubit Estimating will ensure you’re not only operating with the latest features, improvements, and fixes, but will keep your integration with Cubit Select working at its best.


Download the Release Notes

You can also download a copy of the Cubit Select Release Notes here.


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