Re-install Cubit Estimating Standalone as a New Installation


In some very rare situations, you may be required to uninstall your current Cubit Estimating to re-install both the application and database as a new installation.

NOTE: The steps below will uninstall Cubit and remove any Cubit data in your system.  Let Buildsoft Support know if you do not want your Cubit data removed.


Uninstall Cubit and Postgresql from your list of Windows programs

1.  Access Add or remove programs


Fig 2. Add or remove programs

2. Locate Cubit and click Uninstall


Fig 3. Cubit Uninstall

3. Locate PostgreSQL and click Uninstall


Fig 4. PostgreSQL Uninstall


Remove the Postgresql\10 Subfolders

1. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Postgresql folder and remove the 10 subfolder


Fig 5. Delete PostgreSQL subfolders

2. In case you have installed the 32-bit installer file, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Postgresql folder and remove the 10 subfolder


Confirm permissions to the PostgreSQL folder

1. Navigate to C:\Program Files to correct PostgreSQL folder permissions.

2. Right-click the PostgreSQL folder, click the Properties button

3. Click the Security tab

4. Click Edit

5. Locate USERS from the list of Group or usernames and tick Full Control for Permissions for Users


Fig 6. Security permissions

6. Click Apply then OK


Remove Postgresql services

1. Open Windows Command Prompt, Run as administrator


Fig 7. Command Prompt

2. On the command prompt, type:

  •      sc delete postgresql-x64-10

3. Press Enter


Restart your device and re-install Cubit Estimating 64bit

  1. Re-install Cubit Estimating 64bit from your download folder
  2. Select the Standalone license type when prompted

For more information regarding Installation, please refer to the Installation Guides:

Cubit Estimating Installation Guides

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