Assigning Codes for Jobs transferred from Global or Offsider Estimating to Cubit Estimating


Feature Availability: From Cubit 2022, Version 11 or later

For Cubit Estimating jobs that have come from Global Estimating or Offsider Estimating, their codes need to be applied with the Q/Q2/R/R2 Constraint.

1. From the Job Manager screen, click Codes.

Fig 1 . Codes

2. From the Grouping Codes window, tick the constraint boxes to apply Q/Q2/R/R2 Constraint accordingly.  Click Close.         

Fig 2. Constraint

In the case where the codes do not meet the requirement, a warning like below is displayed. Edit the Code ID to make sure the length of the codes adheres to the Rules.


Fig 3. Constraint Violation

3. Open the Job in Cubit Estimating and click Configuration then Manage Codes.

Fig 4. Manage Codes in the Job

4. In the Grouping Codes window, Assign the Q/Q2/R/R2 by using the drop-box to list the Code file with Constraint to select from. Click Close.                                     

Fig 5. Group Mapping 

5. The code column will then be added to the Job. When double-clicked it will list the codes for you to pick from.                   

Fig 6. Group Code with Constraint (Q/Q2/R/R2)

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