Price book use

 For new users especially the capability of getting the most from your data entry into your price book will pay dividends with multiple supplier lists attached to your price book as well as in group code file area in the job manager area. Having your supplier list with description and code installed will enable the code to be attached to the list of components within a composite and the price updated instantly across the rates from the source supplier list along with updating multiple items by percentage item place in the markup columns for use with supplier discounts for such items as steel, sundry fixing items where suppliers often give a broadcast percentage number prior to updating of there price lists ie Rondo Building Services.

if the composite sheets are used as designed the much more information can be gleaned when set up properly quantifying material lists in preparation for ordering on completions and successful bid of the estimate by the use of supplier code having the number of items included to quantify the amount required per the unit symbol used m2 lm m3 ect.

The materials list can then be generated from the Group code in the Job Manager for the project concerned and then produced in XL format where it is shown in detail and summary ready for the purchasing officer to place the order that includes the supplier code chosen and repeated for each supplier used for the project.

More input will reduce overhead costs sorting it later, Do it once and save time $ hope this has been helpful :) 




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