screen resolution problems

when i want to use btos i cant open it without having to change my screen resolution to 1360*768 however when i do change the screen resolution i looks ridiculous & wont fit on the screen, which normally runs at 1920*1080. 

i run 2 screens & would like to not have to change my resolution every time i want to use BTOS, surely this is do-able somehow, anyone out there have any suggestions ???



  • Hi Rob, Buildsoft latest software BT2 (Buildsoft Takeoff 2) overcomes this resolution issue. It does not matter what resolution you use. BT2 also overcomes a number of other limitations of BTOS. BT2 is a free upgrade for support contract users that have purchased BTOS license previously.

    With BTOS though, the first time you open BTOS in any particular job, whatever the screen resolution is, you will need to use this screen resolution for any future BTOS sessions you access within this job. If you choose the screen resolution you prefer, any new jobs you then create will use that resolution setting when you open BTOS and there should be no further issues with those new jobs. 

    If you are using Global Estimating System, you can reset the setting being used by any existing jobs by highlighting the job at the Job Manager screen and clicking "Defaults" and then 'Reset Job BOQ Options". This will reset all settings for that job back to default. This will mean next time you open BTOS in this job, it will open and use the current screen resolution for all future BTOS sessions in that job. This option is not available in Offsider Estimating.

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  • When will this BT2 upgrade be available to us.

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