Change a group of shaped vertical height

I get how to change the height of an exiting shape but what if there is a change in wall height and I have 20 to change? Changing the 1 and two point of each line is tedious at best. BTW I know if I have a poly line with multiple points I can highlight all the sections of that shape and change all the 1 or 2 points in one go. what about a similar way to do heights for multiple selected shapes.



  • If you have a vertical area that has 20 lines which need the Heights changing,  you can simply highlight all the lines and enter the new height into one of the lines.
    After doing this you will see all the heights change.
    Unfortunately there is currently no way to update the height details on multiple shapes at once.

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  • Hi Nathan

    Thanks for the post. In version 4 of BT2, you may only adjust the height of one shape at a time.

    We will though have a lot more shape functionality being introduced in our next major release due later this year.




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