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How do I insert a formula in Buildsoft Global Trade Breakup sheet when I want to calculate say for example 10% of the item totals of the rows above. To clarify further I want to add an item for sundries @ 10% of the priced items above. When I add "sum" it calculates and gives the result but does not keep the formula.



  • Hi Buddhika,

    If you use the formula Tsum(1,5)*.1 in the Rate column, the cell should keep the formula.
    The first figure in the bracket represents the first line in the estimate you wish this formula to take into account, and the last figure represents the last line you wish to take into consideration.

    For example if you want the formula to work for line 10 to 20 the formula would look like this:

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  • Hi Michael,

    I'm not sure if Buddhika wants: 'perc10' (10% of all the items above) ?


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