when upgrading from offsider to cubit, should i consider re-inputing my pricelist or just copy it into cubit as is ?

not sure whether to start with a whole new pricelist for cubit or just work with my exsiting list from offsider



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  • Hi Rob,

    You can do either, however there is no direct transfer from Offsider\Global Estimating to Cubit for the price lists, however you can import the Price List into Cubit by doing the following:

    - Create a new job in Offsider Estimating.
    - Copy the contents of the Price List to the job.
    - Send the job to Cubit using the job transfer buttons on the Job Summary screen.
    - Create a new Price List in Cubit.
    - Open the Price List and click the Templates button.
    - Click the Browse button next to the Template drop down box.
    - Select the job.

    This will have imported the Price List into Cubit.


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