Circle shape view distorting

I have noticed after drawing a circle or an arc portion, that when you exit the estimate and re-enter the estimate the circular shapes in the view pane change to straight lines between the node points. The quantity stays the same, however the shape no longer looks as it is supposed too.

Why ?

Circle shape 1.pdf
Circle shape 2.pdf


  • Hi Grant,

    This is happening due to a setting in the Cubit options.

    In the Cubit options, on the Viewport tab, you will find a setting marked as 'Plan Level Of Detail'.

    If you set this option higher you should see a greater level of accuracy on the curved lines.


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  • Just tried 5 deg increments from 100 to 135, then 150 & 200. Exited the estimate and re-entered each time to refresh.

    Still shows diamond instead of circle!

    What setting does it need to be on to show true circle shape?

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  • Fixed. I see in v6.1 'plan level of detail' has changed to 'curve level of detail' and with a gradient bar, which default appears set to highest level.

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