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I would like to know how do I print and or group specific R Codes from my BOQ so that I can have totals of specific items. For example a specific concrete grade over various ares of the project or the total Tile quantities from say the Kitchen when considering a multiple housing development where there are varying quantities per dwelling.



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  • Hi Daniel,

    To get your job to appear in a grouped state so that you can get the totals for the a particular set of codes, you would just need to select the job from the job manager screen, click the Group Job button on the toolbar and select either quantity or rate depending on the requirements for the job.
    For the example you provided you would select Rate.

    I have attached a copy of a PDF guide to help you with coding and grouping a job.

    Once the job is grouped you can then open the job and produce any reports you may need as normal.


    Code Files In Cubit.pdf
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