How can I use the auto count for the window/doors for each individual level on a multi level project.



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  • Hi Charles,

    The best way to split up the different window\door counts into individual levels would be to do the following:

    - Create a couple of items in the estimate panel with the description of the individual levels. EG Level 1, Level 2 etc.
    - Make the new items headings and select the appropriate result type. EG Window Counts or Door Counts.
    - Select the door or window you need to add from the window\door options on the ribbon.
    - Select the level you wish to add the door or window to from the 'Autocounts Heading' drop down box on the New Task panel.
    - Add the window or door to the plan.

    Once you have done this you will see the details have been added to the appropriate heading.

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